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by providing educators with the training, strategies, and resources they need to become more effective in their role.

We help school leaders get better, faster!


Helping educators learn to lead with compassion, connection, and courage!

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About Us

CustomEx Consulting offers leadership development, coaching, and consulting services to schools, organizations, and individuals.

 We customize our services to meet your needs and get you transformational results, fast.

CustomEx=Customized Excellence

We help educators and school leaders get the support and coaching that they deserve!

What schools need right now are culturally competent, responsive, and resilient leaders that have the ability to guide our schools and to adapt to situations and circumstances effectively.

The Resilient Leadership Program will provide leaders with the core leadership skills and tools to address tough issues like managing conflict,  giving and accepting feedback, and effectively meeting the needs of our diverse faculty, students, and parents.

Would you like to become a Resilient Leader and make a positive impact on your organization?

Let us help you strengthen your leadership skills to increase your confidence and competence through our engaging 8-week online group coaching program!

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