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Tosha Arriola

I created this online program because when I moved from a 5th-grade teacher into a leadership role of being a program director and professor, there was no leadership training and I had to figure everything out for myself. I was overwhelmed and doubted myself a lot until learned these lessons and tools by trial and error and began building up my confidence with each new experience.  I have noticed that many educators who are promoted into leadership roles find themselves isolated and unsupported, so I wanted to be a part of the solution!
As a transformational coach, I support educators by providing the strategies, tools, and resources that they need to move to the "next level of success" in my role as CEO of CustomEx Consulting. ‚ÄčI am currently an administrator at an independent school in addition to supporting leaders and schools through my coaching programs. I was previously a professor and the Director of the Teaching Fellows Program at Queens University of Charlotte. This is my 28th year as an educator, and I've taught and led from the preschool level all the way up to college and everything in between! I'm most passionate about providing support for people who have been promoted to leadership roles, but have not been provided with the training or guidance that they need to become confident and effective leaders in their schools!

Soraya El-Baz

I came to CustomEx Consulting with 14 years of experience on the administrative side of education.  My career began in education as a front office manager for a public charter school.  Within 4 months, I was asked to be the Business Manager of the Middle School. The role was complex and I had to manage different departments that I didn’t know anything about. They trusted me because I was competent.  This does not equate to leadership readiness.  I definitely had imposter syndrome. This scenario happens with so many leaders in education and beyond.  Competence = Enough.  I eventually figured it out but it was a process.  When I took Tosha’s Resilient School Leadership Accelerator Program I realized how useful this would have been at the beginning of my career. 
I began coaching faculty and staff without realizing it.  I coached people on how to stand out to their school leaders and some on how to start their own businesses. I pay attention to people’s strengths, weaknesses, skills, and interests, as well as their body language and communication style.  I am passionate about working to support leaders (aspiring, new, or current) in their quest to be more effective in their role and make a positive impact on their school with confidence.



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